Free 1.5 Crore From PUBG Mobile India Tournament in Tamil


  • You must be an Indian resident.
  • You must have an account of at least level 20 and must be Platinum V or above.
  • You must be part of a squad. Minimum squad size is 4.
  • Camera restrictions: FPP, TPP
  • Server Region: Asia

Players and squads can be disqualified if they:

  • Do not show up at scheduled start times.
  • Purposely stall or attempt to block the tournament from starting.
  • Use emulators or any other kind of third-party tools/hacks which allow them to play the game on a PC. Do this and your entire squad will be disqualified.
  • Intentionally use bugs, glitches, or errors. First offences of this type will result in a squad forfeiting their game. Second offences will result in elimination from the event and all future events.
  • Add, modify, or remove game files from their intended state.
  • Intentionally change their character’s angle to look through texture or object. Players are not allowed to set two actions to the same key in key bindings.
  • Indulge in betting during the course of the tournament (by a player, squad, or on behalf of anyone associated with a squad). Betting will result in disqualification from the tournament and a six-month ban.
  • Undertake personal streaming without prior approval from Tencent Games. This offence can lead to squad disqualification or a tournament ban for the offender.


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